New Baneshwor Plaza,Block-C, Kathmandu,Nepal
May 27, 2022

St.xavier education consultancy  always belire in making changes in our organization as per changing education enivironment .as per the demand  & persent market scenario of students we conduct variouspreparation classes i.e lelts, TOEFL,pet…..It  is one of the best test preparation center focus on producing qualitative &qualified condiate which forther helps them to easily get enrollment to study invarious foregin colleges & universities.We study 250-300 students per year in different flexible time.Some of the key strengths & benefits of joining st. Xavier edu.con for test preparations are.

a)Comberidge &british counal certified instructor

b)Small size classroom  with well-equipped equipment &materiau

c)special classes for the students who basically weak,

d)flexible class schedule with affordable &cheaper feel,

e)best scorer I  lelts in 2018/2019

f)exclusire course materials test tips & techniques,

g)peacful learning environment

h)library and e-library facilities,

i)easy accers form any places near kathmandu city

the  tutor at st.xavier education consultancy are certified ,traired, experienad ,proyersional &friendly .they motivate participatory learning  ,group discussion &interaction among students to make learning procers creative innoviatire ,economic,eftectire,intresting &productive.

IELTS class room photo

IELTS student &tutor photo

Best IELTS scorer photo

Library photo

Mock test photo of students

Interaction program with tutor photos